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DMGA Spring
Plant Sale

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
April 18, 2015

Oak Grove UMC parking lot:
Corner of Oak Grove & Fairoaks
1722 Oak Grove Rd.
Decatur, Georgia  30033


The DeKalb Master Gardener Association is just that — an  association of about 40 Master Gardeners and friends in DeKalb County, Georgia.  The organization was formed to foster more extensive educational, community service, and social events for interested Master Gardeners. 

DMGA is classified as a "Master Gardener volunteer organization outside the UGA university structure" and receives no support or public funds through the Cooperative Extension Service.  For information about the DeKalb County Cooperative Extension Service, please visit the following website:




Wednesday, 27 May 2015

2015 DMGA Spring Plant Sale
Saturday, April 18

The DeKalb Master Gardener Association invites you to shop at our annual Spring Plant Sale on Saturday, April 18th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  We will be selling perennials, a few rare plants, some native plants and small shrubs and trees. 

Locally grown, potted from our gardens and plant rescues, these are tried and true plants ready for your beautiful garden.  We know how to grow them, and can answer other gardening questions too!

The sale takes place in the parking lot of Oak Grove United Methodist Church.  The address is 1722 Oak Grove Road  Decatur, GA  30033.  We'll be at the corner of Oak Grove Road and Fairoaks Road, at the first traffic light north of LaVista Road.

Proceeds from this fund raiser support scholarships that we give to DeKalb County students studying Horticulture at Gwinnett Technical College.  We are proud to have awarded over 14 scholarships to deserving students. 

Bring a friend — we have great prices!  Bring boxes, bags, wagons, carts — you'll want to pick up lots of our great plants!   No early birds, please, for this sale.  Cash or checks, only.  

Help us support horticultural education of fellow DeKalb citizens while you purchase some great plants for your garden!  

See you on April 18th!  Rain or shine!


Most perennials spread and provide wonderful plants to nurture, share with others or offer for our sale in the spring.  Most of our sale plants are locally grown plants out of our own flower beds and this provides a quality plant that will adapt to the local conditions.  Most perennials have to be divided periodically, giving us a new supply of the same varieties each year.

You don't have to be a member of DMGA to contribute plants for our plant sale.  DMGA members have been given a set of potting guidelines for the Plant Sale.  They're not complicated, and if you follow them, you'll have the gratitude of the DMGA Spring Plant Sale Volunteers!


We’ve all lifted one of those plant sale pots and felt it was filled with clay ... or bricks!  The secret for preventing that is the potting medium.  All of us have used the DeKalb County compost.  It is free, plentiful and works well with amendments.  The free compost is generally woody and requires additional nitrogen fertilizer to maintain healthy plants.  The compost works well as long as some other planting medium and fertilizer are added.  The easiest way to make your potting mix is to use your wheelbarrow.  Fill it halfway with county compost, and then add some ground bark fines (such as Nature’s Helper) and potting soil.  Buy it bagged from the big box stores — it’s about $10.  You can buy a product without Miracle Grow already mixed in if you search for it.  Remember, you can pay half-price for opened bags at Home Depot and Lowe’s — ask if they have any when you’re there.  Add a cup of 10-10-10 to the mix, and blend it all together.  You could use cheap garden soil, but it tends to be heavier.  We want our plants to flourish, so please consider using some worthwhile planting mix.  Besides, you may buy some plants, and you’d want the best mix, too!

Choose a pot that's large enough to hold the root system.  Plants whose roots are bulging out over the top of a too-small pot don't look good.  Put a layer of your potting medium in the bottom of the pot, then the plant.  Top off with enough soil cover the roots.  Press the soil down gently so that the plant will stand up firmly in the pot.

Water your plants with Miracle Grow fertilizer 2 weeks before the sale.  It’ll help them be perky and looking their best.

Don’t forget to water well the evening before our sale.  It can get hot on that parking lot!

Now that the plants are potted… it’s time for Plant Labels!


Use a Permanent Fine Point Sharpie or a No. 2 pencil to write your details.  Here are the things that customers want to know (and the things that help to sell your plants):  


   • Draw an open circle for FULL SUN.
   • Fill in the circle for FULL SHADE.
   • Fill in a half-circle for PART SUN / PART SHADE.



BLOOM TIME  (early Spring, Spring, Summer, Fall, late Fall, Winter?)

Special information:  NATIVE PLANT,  RARE PLANT,  tolerates damp soil,  etc.

You can write on both sides of the label if needed.  The photo shows sample plant labels, showing the plant name and SUN/SHADE legend on the front of the label, and additional information that's on the back.

The SUN / SHADE legends will not only help the customers to select plants.  They'll also make it easier to arrange plants into SUN and SHADE groups the morning of the sale.


The final step is pricing.  Every plant at the sale will have two sticks in its pot:  (1) the plant name label and (2) a colored price stick.  Each color translates to a price this way:

  $ 1 = Black
  $ 2 = Green
  $ 3 = Red
  $ 4 = Yellow
  $ 5 = Blue
  $ 6 = Purple
  $ 7 =  Gold
  $ 8 = Orange
  $10 = Silver
  All other prices = written on a white stick

There'll be a supply of colored price sticks, as well as blank white plant label sticks, available on the morning of the sale for you to use.  You can decide in advance how you'd like to price your plants and pick up appropriate sticks the morning of the sale.  Or, you can confer with other volunteers about pricing before the start of the sale if you're undecided.

Questions about the plant sale or bringing plants?
Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


DMGA Members Reach Lifetime Master Gardener Milestone

In May 2014, DeKalb Master Gardener Association members Maria Birdseye and Ken Sharpe were recognized as Lifetime Master Gardeners by the DeKalb Cooperative Extension Service.  This prestigious honor is awarded to those who have dedicated and donated at least 25 hours per year for 10 years.  Since the development and initiation of the Master Gardener program in 1979, DeKalb Extension has recognized 90 volunteers with this “lifetime” status.

The general mission of Master Gardeners in Georgia is to assist Cooperative Extension in providing unbiased information through volunteer service and educational projects.  In addition to successfully completing a horticultural training program provided by UGA Cooperative Extension professionals, Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers must perform an initial 50 hours of service in order to become certified.  Each year thereafter they must volunteer at least 25 hours of approved service in order to maintain active status.  

Maria and Ken now join an elite list of DMGA members who have earned their Lifetime Master Gardener badges (shown here with the year in which they became Master Gardeners):

Connie Weber    1980
Dee Devine    1998
Stella Chamberlain    2001
Jimmy Dorsey    2001
Phil Edwards    2001
Loretta Parker    2001
Mike Doyle    2002
Bert Weaver    2002
Carole Lawrence    2003
Jerry Vrzal    2003
Marie Birdseye    2004
Ken Sharpe    2004

Applications for the 2015 DeKalb Master Gardener training classes have already closed, but if you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener in the future, contact the DeKalb Extension Horticulture Manager, Gary Peiffer, at 404-298-4080 or email directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Scholarship Recipients Announced for 2014-2015

DeKalb Master Gardener Association is pleased to announce and congratulate the recipients of our horticulture scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year.  At our October 2014 meeting, three Gwinnett Technical College students were presented with scholarships of $500 each to assist them in their education. 

The recipients are  Mr. Kevin Masse, Mr. Jeremy OHearn, and Ms. Kathy Ponce de Leon.

Kevin Masse had landscaping jobs as a teenager and realized years later how much he preferred working with his hands, outdoors, as a means of making an income.  As someone who is awestruck by a 70-foot Silver Maple that has a 120-foot spread, it is no surprise that his area of specialty is Arborculture.  Kevin is employed as an estimator and production manager for a local tree service and plans to become a licensed arborist.

Jeremy OHearn learned about growing tomatoes and peppers and watermelons from his father and grandfather; he still remembers being intrigued by watching lima beans sprout in kindergarten.  While he enjoys "every aspect of Horticulture" his main area of interest is in food production and Sustainable Agriculture.  After his studies at Gwinnett Tech, Jeremy hopes to obtain a degree in biology, leading to a career related to Aquaponic Farming.

Kathy Ponce de Leon cannot remember a time when she was not interested in gardening and feels that she has been been gardening for what seems like "forever."  As she is learning more about diverse areas of horticulture at Gwinnett Tech, she sees her chosen area of expertise to be Landscaping Design.

Created in 2006, the scholarships given annually by DMGA have promoted and encouraged education in horticulture by rewarding promising students at UGA and Gwinnett Tech.




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